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A Wish That Can Change The World

At the beginning of the year, IBAK started a donation campaign with the slogan "IBAK is celebrating its 75th anniversary and wants water for everybody" in order to be able to give visitors and well-wishers a meaningful reply to the question of presents. At that time, no-one could foresee that the celebrations in connection with IBAK's company anniversary would not be able to go ahead as planned due to the spread of the corona virus.

Customers and the IBAK staff have congratulated IBAK and many donations have been received on IBAK's betterplace project page.

The IBAK management would like to express sincere thanks to all of you!

The IBAK management has doubled the total sum of the donations received. What is more, the management has added a further 100 € for each MiniLite/ MicroLite sold within the scope of our special anniversary offer. Last but not least, the IBAK Christmas donation has increased the sum donated by the IBAK management. Finally, to avoid having an uneven amount at the end, the sum has been generously rounded up. All in all, this results in the princely sum of 15,000 €!

For many years now, IBAK has donated to the charitable organisation „Viva con Agua“ to provide decent access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation in deprived regions. Cooperation with this organisation has proved successful and our commitment also focuses on an issue related to the wastewater industry. Particularly in this challenging year, our donation is urgently required: the spread of the virus puts the focus even more on hand-washing facilities and the implementation of hygiene measures.

The schools in the African country most seriously affected by the pandemic are not geared to providing schooling under pandemic conditions. With regard to the sanitary and hygiene situation, 25 % of the population of rural South Africa do not even have access to basic sanitation and as much as 73 % have no or only restricted access to hygiene facilities (as of 2020). With the donation of 15,000 €, a considerable contribution can be made to providing state schools in the „Eastern Cape Province“ region with water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Water supply installations, toilets and hand-washing facilities can be built.

„Viva con Agua“ has told IBAK that "thanks to generous donations like this, building work could be started at the first two schools and the project is making good progress“. The charity organisation has expressed their thanks and has sent us these current photos of the Bulungula College and the Jujura Pre-School together with a video.

Stay healthy!