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IBAK invites you to visit our trade fair stand

We have created a trade fair stand – not in an exhibition hall, but virtually. Today, we open its virtual doors and focuses on tried and tested and new solutions in the field of professional sewer inspection and rehabilitation technology. You can access the interactive exhibition area via our website

Find out how they can benefit from our new products at the pulse of time in their day-to-day work: full HD, 4K, artificial intelligence (AI) and boundless mobility are the big subjects that we are making accessible to the wastewater industry.

Among the tried and tested technical masterpieces is the new pan and rotate camera ORION (version 3). Laterals can be inspected from mainline sewers with full HD resolution with the ORION 3 in combination with the lateral inspection system LISY. The HD signal is transmitted in real time without loss to the TV inspection van via optical fibre.

360° camera technology is also featured on our virtual trade fair stand. Whereas the PANORAMO 4K and the PANORAMO 150 4K provide a 100% scan of the complete interior of mainline sewers from DN 150 upwards with 4K resolution, the PANORAMO SI 4K is the ultra HD system for manholes. The flexible system can be integrated into the van or can also be used as a portable, battery-powered unit.

PANORAMO technology also provides a foundation for the ArtIST software development project. The tool on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI) makes the capture of inspection data more efficient and at the same time ensures a consistently high quality. At our virtual booth you can watch a presentation explaining how the inspector's workload is reduced by the automatic capture of condition data.

Also on show is the new mainline sewer camera ARGUS 6 which combines the tried and tested ROTAX panning mechanism with full HD resolution. This enables you to orientate themselves perfectly in the sewer when the camera head is panned, tilted or rotated during full HD inspections: the camera image always remains erect and non-reversed. The slim camera tractor system MainLite easy for mainline sewer inspection is an example of the numerous mobile solutions that we have in store for you.

In the field of rehabilitation, we are showing for the first time the pneumatic cutting and grinding robot MicroGator Air. The multifunctional solution for mainline sewers is compatible with the MainLite system and permits powerful cutting and grinding operations in addition to fully-fledged camera inspections. You can also look forward with anticipation to seeing the electric cutting and grinding robot MicroGator 150. With its exchangeable head system, it is ready for versatile operation in pipes from DN 150 (lined) upwards.


Our virtual trade fair stand is open for you around the clock: you can access our virtual exhibition area, check out the information and get in touch with us at any time – whenever it suits you best – from the office, from home or on the road.
We look forward to your visit and to communicating with you!