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IBAK, One of the Fastest Growing Medium-Sized Family-Run Companies

According to the Munich Strategy Group ranking, IBAK is among the 100 fastest-growing medium-sized family-run companies in Germany. As a manufacturer and supplier of sewer inspection- and rehabilitation systems, IBAK employs a staff of more than 400 at seven locations in Germany and a registered office in Australia. In addition to this, the Kiel-based owner-managed family business is represented by over 40 distributors and service partners all over the world. The study on the 100 top-ranking medium-sized companies in 2020“ was conducted for the eleventh time running by the management consultants Munich Strategy Group; IBAK was again ranked at number 27.


High-Tech for Below Ground

Sewers and pipes are subject to ageing: for example, they can form cracks and start leaking and this leads to groundwater and soil pollution. Technology designed by IBAK can travel through sewers and pipes to optically assess the condition of sewage systems and to rehabilitate them where necessary. The IBAK company founder Helmut Hunger introduced the first sewer inspection system in the world in 1957. Building on this pioneer achievement, now, 75 years later, IBAK is still the technology leader. Nowadays, fully equipped sewer inspection vans form the company's core business, but small, portable systems for mobile operation, systems for sewer rehabilitation and software are also part of the comprehensive product portfolio of the pioneer of the industry.

With full HD sewer inspection systems, IBAK is the market pioneer. They enable videos to be generated, transmitted, reproduced, processed and archived in full HD quality. With full HD sewer inspection systems, IBAK is the market pioneer. They enable videos to be generated, transmitted, reproduced, processed and archived in full HD quality. | photo: © Ulf Dahl


Focus on Technical Innovation

'The top 100 companies stand out due to the three qualities growth strength, power of resistance and innovative capacity,' says Sebastian Theopold, the head of Munich Strategy. So, with its innovations, IBAK has its finger still as ever on the pulse of time: full HD, 4K, artificial intelligence (AI) and boundless mobility are the great possibilities that the inventor of sewer TV inspection technology is opening up to the sewer industry. High resolution video formats in real time as used by HD cameras depend on high transmission speeds. For this, IBAK implements optical transmission technology, to provide loss-free data transmission without time lag via rugged fibre optic cables. Among other things, IBAK is working on the ArtIST software. This increases the efficiency of inspection data capture and ensures data analysis of constantly high quality. There is great potential in the artificial intelligence (AI) of the software whose aim is to provide support with establishing the condition of standard features.


Growth Strength over the Past Five Years

The Munich Strategy Group was commissioned by the newspaper Handelsblatt to analyze 4000 German companies with a turnover between ten million and roughly one billion euros from all branches of industry. The top 100 companies in 2020 were determined on the basis of the average increase in turnover and the average EBIT*¹ rate over the past five years. The study analyzed the sustained development of the companies. Only medium-sized companies that have delivered top performance over an extended period were taken into consideration. The final rank was calculated from the average of the ranks reached for growth strength (increase in turnover) and profitability (Ebit rate). IBAK was again ranked at 27 in the study.

*¹ earnings before interest and taxes