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IBAK support UK customers through their distributor S1E

The new issue of Trenchless Works is out. In the magazine you can read an article about the cooperation between IBAK and S1E on pages 57 to 60:

S1E Director Scott McMurray responded to questions about S1E’s development and work with IBAK. Frank Claassen from IBAK also commented about the S1E/IBAK partnership and described some features of the new MicroGator Air cutting and grinding robot. The IBAK MicroGator Air System is a versatile rehabilitation or repair system that is completely embedded into the IBAK MainLite system concept.

Background to the reporting: A recent partnership between IBAK and British distributor S1E gathered pace during September, when they presented together at the UK’s largest specialist trade show: No-Dig Live ran from 14th-16th September and is the only such event in the UK to focus solely on trenchless techniques of pipeline installation and repair.  The two companies together launched new IBAK developments to the UK market at the S1E stand, including IBAK’s MicroGator Air and NanoGator cutting and grinding robots.

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