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Cutting Edge Technology for Highest Quality Standards - Latest Additions to the IBAK Machine Pool

Complex milling and machining equipment fulfilling highest quality requirements are the basis of the IBAK Sewer Inspection Systems in operation world-wide. This is why the company sets its focus on the efficient production of high precision parts in large lots. A fundamental requirement for this are CNC machines of the latest generation with a high degree of automation. This year as many as six new machines have been added to the machine pool in the Kiel factory.

„made in Kiel“
The excellent quality of IBAK produkts is the result, among other things, of the high vertical range of manufacture. All system components are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested by IBAK. The Kiel factory is equipped for this purpose with a total of 23 CNC machines for reliable and dependable processing of components for the production of high quality camera systems and repair robots. In order to cope even better with the increasing demand, two state-of-the-art CNC processing centres and a CNC lathe were already integrated onto the production floor in the first six months of the year. In addition, another three fully automatic CNC centres for modern CNC machining were put into service in the course of the second half of the year.

The heavyweight machines were unloaded by a hydraulic telescopic truck-mounted crane, under the watchful eyes of the IBAK staff.

Precision and Efficiency
The smart machines are equipped with toolchangers for a variety of tools and therefore cover a broad range of machining applications. The machines that are designed for machining on several axes allow high precision, cost-effective part manufacture. Thanks to the wide swivel range in the working area, particularly challenging parts can be machined accurately with short cycle times. This means that the new machines can cope with the high requirements for processing quality and production quantities and contribute to increasing the productivity.

Raw materials are supplied fully automatically during day and night operation via the spiral container. A gripper grasps the supplied material and loads the machining centre without any human intervention. In this way, the machine capacities are used to an optimum.

IBAK's Qualified Personnel
The high degree of automation allows the machine operator to perform other tasks during the cycle time of the machine, such as programming other machines. This means that the job profile of machine operators has changed with time. The traditional turner of former times has now become a staff member with process responsibility in a great variety of manufacturing situations. IBAK staff members have familiarised themselves with the new systems in theoretical and practical training courses and are thrilled to work with the high-tech machines.

IBAK relies on CNC machines of the latest generation to ensure the flawless manufacture of all serially produced parts.

Positive Expectations
Investments totalling more than 2 million Euros demonstrate strong confidence in the future and emphasize the company's high vertical integration. Managing Director Dr. Hunger is convinced that investing in an up-to-date machine pool sustainably increases the productivity of the company and consolidates its excellent market position: “Our machinery is always state-of-the-art. The continual modernization of our plant enables us to cope with increasing technological demands.”

It is always a thrilling moment for IBAK when the protection foil is removed from a new CNC machine.