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Trenchless pressure pipe rehabilitation using swagelining

Trade article in Trenchless Works

The sewer network of Magdeburg includes a 600 m, DN 700 cast-iron free-flow pressure line (simply called the pressure line in the following). The functionality of this pressure line from 1928 requiring rehabilitation was restored using a trenchless reduction method without heat. This was carried out by the sewer specialists of Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH on behalf of Abwassergesellschaft Magdeburg mbH for Städtische Werke Magdeburg GmbH & Co. KG.

For the rehabilitation project in Magdeburg, a geodetically exact pipe run survey and profile dimension determination were performed over the entire length of the pressure line. Both measurements were made with the IBAK ORPHEUS 2 pan and tilt camera. The findings far exceeded those of a purely visual inspection and helped to secure the best possible execution of the rehabilitation. Due to the comprehensive preliminary surveys, a suitable method and a PE pipe with an optimum fit could be selected.

Read here the full case study (pages 74 - 78) or download the article as a PDF.