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Win-Win Situation in Times of Corona

At the beginning of May, IBAK received an order to manufacture valve blocks for the ventilators which are urgently required because of the corona crisis.

The customer is a company from Schleswig-Holstein with which IBAK has maintained trusting business relations for many years and which in its turn had received a major order from abroad for the production of the basis blocks. These form the centrepiece of the ventilators and ensure that air can be pushed into the lungs without any dust, fluff or fibres. They are made of POM-C (polyoxymethylene), a white plastic material featuring high surface hardness, wear resistance and smoothness. The raw material is supplied by the customer and processed by IBAK on two machines. The finished parts are thermally deburred by a specialist company; with this method, burrs or splitters, also at positions that are hard to access, are burnt off by the combustion of a gas mixture at high temperatures in a heat chamber.

Thanks to IBAK's very big and versatile range of production machinery, our own programmers and a highly qualified production team, we were able to fit in and carry out the order in compliance with the high quality requirements in spite of our own heavy workload. Thus, production of the valve blocks at IBAK is expected to take until the end of August, then the order will be completed and finalised.