Leak detection systems

Sewer pipes must be leakproof

Leak Test Case

Flexible solution for air testing and water testing

With the IBAK leak test case, sections, laterals, and manholes can be tested.


Section test

Section test with air and/or water

The section to be examined is sealed in the immediate vicinity of the manhole with a pipe seal stopper and a test stopper. Either a positive air pressure or negative air pressure is generated in the test space via a pressure vacuum pump (depending on the desired test method).



Bend capable system with bag plug for laterals

IBAK PROCON is a unique bag plug which is used for leak-testing of laterals. Thanks to a protective housing that automatically opens and closes parallel to the sealing procedure, the rubber stopper only comes into contact with the pipeline during the sealing procedure


Branch tests, Connecting piece tests, Service line tests

Connecting piece and branch lateral test from the mainline sewer

With the IBAK LISY inspection system, a special test packer with integrated satellite bag plug is pushed into the mainline sewer to the branch.