Leak Test Case

Transportable DPS solution for laterals


Flexible solution for air testing and water testing

With the IBAK leak test case, sections, laterals, and manholes can be tested.

Testing is executed optionally with air or water. Access for the test occurs via inspection openings (usually on private property). The case can be used independently (operation via a laptop). However, in accordance with the modular IBAK principle, the case can also be operated together with the PROCON system via the DPS exchangeable drum on the MiniLite or MobiLite. The portable system can therefore be used for a wide range of applications. Air testing can be executed section by section (preferably in laterals) in combination with a special push rod leadthrough stopper.

The leak test case communicates via a USB interface with the IBAK pressure analysis software (IDAS-32) which is installed on the laptop or the MobiLite.

The software currently includes testing in accordance with the following standards: DIN 1610, DIN 1986-30, DIN EN 4033, ATV M 143, ATV A-139.

The new superstructure permits a large airflow throughput, which means that even large sections can be filled with air in a short time. Moreover a safety switch-off feature which prevents a risk of overfilling is integrated.

Together with the level probe and the water compensation tank, any part line can be easily tested with water. Any water loss that occurs is then measured in millimetres and documented.

Three additional sensor connections are already provided for future measurement tasks.

The IBAK leak test case, in a combination of leak detection system and camera, allows effective and reliable work. This means that visual inspection can occur almost simultaneously with the leak test and, for example, documents efficient sealing of the stoppers.

Field of application

  • Leak test

    • Sections and sewer pipe sections (with the Procon system from DN100 – 150)

Scope of delivery

  • Test case

    • With interface for the laptop (serial interface, alternatively USB)
    • Pressure sensor
    • Safety switch-off
    • Emergency stop
    • Analog redundancy pressure gauge iadditioto the display othe PC
    • Connectiofor 1” hose

  • Hand pump

    • Colour-coded interfaces to the Procon lateral test system
    • Control of the push rod sealing (green)
    • Connection for the test space (red)
    • Connection for a stopper/sleeve (blue)

Equipment options

  • Stoppers

    • Stopper with push-rod (DPS stopper with lead-through)
    • DN100 – 150, DN 150 – 200
    • Procostopper DN100 – 125
    • Procostopper DN125 – 150
    • Laptop
    • 1” hose to the lateral connectioothe case for faster filling of a large test space
    • 3 additional sensor connections cabe retrofitted e.g. for level probes for simultaneous testing of 3 separators)


  • Test pressure and functions

    • “Fill test space” - “Hold test space”
    • “Vent test space” are specified and controlled directly via the PC (laptop/vehicle control console/MobiLite)

Technical details

Supply 110 – 230 V AC (or external rechargeable battery)
Inlet pressure 4 – 10 bar
Test pressure for all tests 0 – 400 mbar
Interfaces Procon system, DPS vehicle, MobiLite, MiniLite