Branch tests/connecting piece tests and service line tests

Connecting piece and branch lateral test from the mainline sewer


Connecting piece and branch lateral test
from the mainline sewer

With the IBAK LISY inspection system, a special test packer with integrated satellite bag plug is pushed into the mainline sewer to the branch.

The DPS LISY system makes it possible to push the bag plug a distance of 40 metres into the branch with the aid of the LISY “Magic Push Rod”. The entire reach of the system is 130 metres. As soon as the bag plug is positioned at the desired point, the sealing sleeves in the test packer and the bag plug are inflated. The subsequent filling of the sealed test space with compressed air occurs via the hybrid cable of the IBAK cable winch KW 505 - a camera cable with integrated compressed air line. As described in the sections concerning the section test and pipe joint test, the pressure data is measured and further processed in the PC. In addition, the data can also be overlaid in the video screen. The drainage capability also remains intact during the leak test, so that decommissioning of the sewer is not necessary.

  • No working in the manhole
  • Connections D100 / 150 / 200, connectiolength up to 40 m
  • Placement of the test plug under observatiofrom up to three different cameras
  • Mainline sewer D200 - D700
  • Patented rotary push rod leadthrough
  • Drainage capability is maintained during the leak test
  • Only 2 cables are necessary (camera cable and Magic Push Rod)