Control system for IBAK inspection systems

Control console with 2 joysticks BC 5 etc.


The IBAK BS 5 is the central control and operating unit for permanently installed IBAK inspection systems.

All current IBAK cameras and tractors can be operated using it. The camera tractor and the respective camera are controlled via the ergonomically-shaped console, with two joysticks, enclosing the PC keyboard.

With its high-tech microprocessor control, the intelligent IBAK BS 5 control system identifies the system components connected and status information, such as the internal pressure of camera and tractor, supply voltage, lighting intensity as well as the height of the electronic height adjustment as a percentage, is displayed on the graphics LCD for the user.

Seven of the 16 control keys have pre-defined functions by default, and nine further keys are automatically assigned with functions by the system depending on the system configuration.

The IBAK BS 5 also has an integrated autostop function, which, in combination with cable winches KW 310 and 505, causes the tractor to stop at pre-defined points when driving in the reverse direction. This makes it much easier, for example, to approach the entry manhole correctly.

The polished, practical and energy-efficient design of the IBAK BS 5 guarantees efficient operation of IBAK inspection systems from every perspective.