IBAK-Vehicle Outfitting PANORAMO SI 4K

Vehicle Outfitting

Variable Solutions for Individual Requirements

Vehicle Outfitting

IBAK's core business activity is fitting out inspection vehicles. Whether plug and play solutions in the form of ready-made mounting elements or fully equipped vehicles: everything is designed for day to day operation in harsh environments.

Individual detailed solutions of first class quality from IBAK form the basis for a long service life and cost-effective operation 
Lightweight, high-quality outfitting materials provide ample space for the required inspection components; insulation of the van body ensures balanced temperatures in the vehicle.

The work areas in both the operator's section and the equipment section are of functional design in line with ergonomic requirements and ensure comfortable and at the same time smooth working procedures.

The power supply to the TV system is emission-free thanks to the use of state of the art battery systems. 

An extensive range of optional extras enable us to meet individual requirements.