IKAS Cleaner

Software tools for sewer cleaning

The software tool for sewer cleaning and flushing data acquisition

IKAS Cleaner

No more paper document processing on the sewer cleaning truck.

With IKAS Cleaner software object lists and printed maps are a thing

of the past.

A work order consists of just the sewer data and the cadastral plan, which can be acquired electronically from the sewer information system. After the cleaning is finished, the operational data collected during the flushing procedure can be digitally transferred to the sewer data management system. In this way, a paperless flow of data is established between the cleaner and the information system.

IKAS Cleaner is simple to use and can be run on a notebook or touch book in the vehicle. For a flushing and cleaning contract, the sewer master data with geographical coordinates can be read in and displayed on the monitor, together with the graphical cadastral map. The operator selects the predetermined sections, manholes and laterals and adds the operational data such as flushing pressure, water quantity, etc. In this way IKAS Cleaner is completed without any text input. All of the data is acquired using a mouse or touchscreen for checkboxes or to select items from drop-down menus. The time taken for the acquisition is no longer than that required for filling out paper lists. The progress of the work can be seen directly on the sewer network design.

The default values for flushing data collection are automatically updated with acquisition of the sewer data from the IKIS information system (requires the IKIS "Cleaning" module) or from the TV inspection program, IKAS 32. IKAS Cleaner provides various reports and statistics to have a complete documentation of the full work flow from the order of a cleaning job up to the cleaning work carried out. Just a few clicks are all that is needed to produce the documents for one or more cleaning vehicles.


  • For MS Windows
  • All tasks can be executed using mouse or touchscreen; no typing required
  • Acquisition of the sewer master data from IKIS / IKAS 32
  • Graphical representation of the sewer master data
  • Aerial photographs/cadastral maps that can be read in as a background
  • Reports/statistics on the documentation
  • Data export in IKIS and as PDF-, HTML-, MHT-, RTF-, Excel-, CSV-, Text-, and Image Files

IKIS "Cleaning" module

Sewer cleaning and flushing data management

With the IKIS "Cleaning" module, the cleaning and flushing activities can be conveniently managed and maintained in IKIS. The cleaning contracts are compiled through simple selection of the sewer network and forwarded to the sewer cleaning vehicles. Once the object is flushed, the cleaning data produced by IKAS Cleaner is again read into IKIS. Hence, with little effort, the sewer information system is updated with the data from the cleaning. In addition, report functions such as cleaning receipts are available for billing etc. The analysis of the cleaning and flushing data are clearly displayed on the IKIS sewer network design and hence the required cleaning can be simply organised. The IKIS "Cleaning" module gives you an overview of where, when and what has been cleaned, and at what cost.


  • Exporting of the sewer master data for IKAS Cleaner
  • Importing of the cleaning and flushing data from the IKAS cleaner
  • Updating of the sewer network with cleaning and flushing data
  • Flushing analysis on the sewer network graphic
  • Reports on the documentation