MicroGator 150

IBAK MicroGator 150

Grinding Robot

Efficient electric cutting in main sewers from DN 150 (relined)

IBAK MicroGator 150

The MicroGator 150 is an electric cutting robot that is operated on a BS7/KW150 system just like the existing MicroGator. It can be used in main sewers from DN150 (relined) to approx. DN300 and is thus the ideal complement to the electric cutting system.

An exchangeable head system for easy conversion allows versatile use: The exchangeable heads are available with or without a 4th axle, as a cutting system (cutter) or as a rehabilitation system (carrier) for placing hat profiles or liner cuffs. As with its “bigger brother” MicroGator, the entire interior is pressure-monitored.

Durch die Verwendung eines Elektromotors für den MicroGator 150 ist die Drehgeschwindigkeit des Werkzeugs stufenlos regulierbar. Zahlreiche Werkzeuge für jeden Anwendungsfall erleichtern das Arbeiten.
By using an electric motor for the MicroGator 150, the rotational speed of the tool is infinitely controllable. A variety of tools for every application facilitate the work.

The MicroGator 150 has excellent traction. Thanks to sufficient weight and numerous different sets of wheels, which have been developed for different pipe conditions, even long pipe sections can be travelled and efficiently processed.

The MicroGator 150 is also lowered in and retrieved from the manhole by means of a lowering hook without anyone having to climb into the manhole.

The MicroGator 150 also uses the CutterCam, which is kept permanently clean by an air shield and thus provides a perfect view of the cutting area. A viewing direction indicator in the camera image shows the position of the robot in the pipe. This is made possible by a gravitation sensor integrated into the camera.

MicroGator 150 at a glance:

Electric cutting robot for main sewers from DN 150 (relined)
Can be operated on the existing cutting system consisting of the BS7 control unit and the KW150 cable winch.
Range of max. 150 metres
Equipped with exchangeable head system for cutting and rehabilitation applications  
Infinitely controllable rotational speed of the tool
Always a clear view and the best possible orientation thanks to the use of the CutterCam