Pan and tilt camera

Inspection range DN 100 and up


The IBAK ORION is the all-rounder when it comes to the inspection of pipes of DN 100 and up.

Every required viewing range is reached rapidly by the microprocessor controlled pan and tilt head. ORION 3 SD can rotate endlessly around its own axis. By means of the pan function it is possible to view in all directions and even to view "backwards" into the branch when automatically panning to inspect pipe joints. The ORION provides in the axial view an upright image thanks to its UPC function (Upright Picture Control). With its small diameter of 60 mm, the camera can be connected to all IBAK camera tractors and has also full bend capability when operated as push camera.
The system is protected by an internal operating pressure of 1 bar and internal pressure monitoring – in case of a pressure drop the inspector receives a warning signal on the LCD display and a warning tone in the control unit. If the customer requires, IBAK can also deliver the ORION models with increased pressure resistance.
The latest camera model, the IBAK ORION, provides a large angle of aperture, excellent light sensitivity and 3x zoom. Furthermore, its focus depth is remarkable. Due to its enhanced features, the camera is also ideally suited for the inspection of larger pipes. Inspections up to DN 600 can be carried out without the need for additional lights with the ORION.
Depending on the field of application, the IBAK ORION 3 SD is available with or without explosion protection. Using the integrated location transwithter, the camera’s position can be determined at any time. The in-built laser in combination with the IKAS software allows you to make easy diameter and deformation measurements while inspecting the sewer pipe.
The housing made of aircraft aluminium offers resistance to high pressures and a very light weight. These combined qualities allow long travel distances in push operation, and provide maximum camera robustness at the same time. High-strength materials, which are required for the explosion resistance impact test, are used in explosion- safe and non-explosion-safe cameras.