Tilt head camera

Inspection range DN 150 and up


The new ORPHEUS Lite is IBAK’s only tilt head camera and can be operated in DN 150 pipes upwards. It features the proven functionalities of the ORPHEUS such as full rotatability of the camera head and automatic panning to inspect joints.

In addition it has a 10x optical zoom, a 16x digital zoom and a laser for diameter measurement. The camera impresses with its high resolution and high light sensitivity. As a result, it is ideally suited to provide a high quality camera image and best possible inspections.

The ORPHEUS Lite has very good illumination so that no additional lighting is required even in large-diameter pipes. Illumination is provided by 8 power LEDs that can be switched on and off flexibly. In addition the camera is equipped with integrated joint gap lighting and temperature-controlled light. This prevents the camera from overheating at maximum light intensity.

The ORPHEUS Lite is compatible with all commonly used IBAK systems and is in particular an ideal camera to use with the new MainLite system. Because of the tilt head of this camera it is especially suitable in mains where laterals are at 12 oclock positions.

Those can be expected quickly with the ORPHEUS Lite. If a LaserScan function or ex protection is additionally required, an ORPHEUS 2/3 is the ideal supplement to the system.