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Founded in 1945 as a small consulting engineering firm, IBAK is today the biggest manufacturer and supplier of pipe inspection systems and is at the same time the oldest company in the trade.

With our more than 75 years of experience and the extremely high demands we place on our products – and also on ourselves – we provide optimum benefit to our customers. More than 400 people work day for day at our locations in Kiel and our branch offices in Durmersheim, Freigericht, Georgsmarienhütte/Osnabrück, Illerrieden/Ulm, Leipzig and Moers to ensure that this stays this way.

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IBAK Robotics

A Pioneer Achievement: Electric Drive

IBAK Robotics design and manufacture electrically driven cutting, grinding and repair robots for sewer rehabilitation. Electric cutting and grinding in sewers is a technology that has been developed into a marketable product since 2007. In the meantime, electric drive for cutting and grinding robots has become well established in the sewer rehabilitation industry and is now a recognised procedure on the market. At that time, the advantages were already obvious: the cutting and grinding performance, the handling and the energy balance of the IBAK Robotics cutting and grinding robots are unrivalled on the market.

IBAK Robotics products run on electricity. This makes them light-weight, low-noise and powerful. Unlike hydraulic or pneumatic systems, they do not require any noisy, heavy and energy-consuming compressors. As a result, they cause considerably lower operating costs and go easy on health and the environment thanks to their almost noiseless and emission-free operation. As corroborated by the company's history, the desire to reach the next higher stage of development also rapidly became apparent in the field of rehabilitation and innovations followed one after the other. Accordingly, the IBAK Robotics product portfolio not only contains a big electric cutting and grinding robot, the AlliGator, but also a small one, the MicroGator. With their range of mobile systems, vehicle installations and hire equipment for sewer rehabilitation, IBAK Robotics can respond individually to customer requirements. 

The systems are designed at our Durmersheim factory by a highly qualified team of experts. 

In addition, repair and servicing not only for IBAK Robotics equipment but also for all IBAK products are performed in the approximately 1200 square metre building. IBAK and IBAK Robotics customers benefit equally from the close cooperation between the two divisions of the company: depending on the requirements, vehicles can be equipped either simply with a cutting and grinding system, simply with TV equipment or with a combination of the two. Furthermore, thanks to the cooperation with IBAK, IBAK Robotics customers have a competent world-wide service and distributor network at their disposal.

Electric cutting and grinding with IBAK Robotics products offers numerous advantages:

Low Operating Costs
The energy balance of the electric cutting and grinding robots is unrivalled on the market: a vehicle with a cutting and grinding robot can be operated for a whole day on a battery charge costing less than ten euros.

High Degree of Efficiency
The outstanding features of the electric motor are efficient conversion and transmission of energy. As a result, as compared to other types of drive, a considerably higher percentage of the power input is effectively used to drive the cutting and grinding tool.

Low Noise Emissions
After the installation of sewer pipe liners, laterals are usually reinstated during the evening or at night when traffic is low. Particularly in inner-city urban areas, inconvenience to residents from noise must be kept to a minimum. So the virtually noise-free operation of the electric cutting and grinding robots is not only pleasant for the operator but also makes it easier to obtain permission for work to be carried out at night and increases its acceptability for example in residential areas.

Good Environmental Compatibility
An electric motor does not emit any exhaust fumes that are harmful to health. Emission-free operation goes easy on the environment and does not have any adverse effects on health. The efficient use of resources and the low noise emissions of this drive technology also contribute to protecting the environment.