360-degree cameras redefine the way sewer inspection is done

360-degree camera technology takes inspection to a new level. Unique worldwide in technology and function, it enables the complete interior view of main sewers and manholes to be recorded with 4K resolution in a single operation.

Manholes and sewers can be inspected quickly, because it's unnecessary to stop and pan the camera, and condition assessment can take place in the vehicle or separately in the office.

This creates a complete and objective data basis for maintenance and rehabilitation decisions.

Use different display options for condition assessment

State-of-the-art 360-degree camera technology is used to scan the entire real 3D interior view of the sewer object in ultra-high resolution 4K. The 360-degree all-round view facilitates condition detection and measurement of three-dimensional objects.

Use different display options for condition assessment

3D scan

The viewer can move freely, intuitively and precisely in the digital image from the 3D scan.

2D display

In addition, events can be clearly displayed in a freely definable area using the 2D processing function.

Key advantages of 360-degree camera technology

  • Faster and more easily planned inspections: High inspection speed due to travel without stopping points or panning
  • Detect damage early: Ultra-high resolution image quality ensures detection of even fine cracks, deposits and infiltrations
  • Make better decisions: 100% condition detection for reliable documentation as an important basis for professional evaluation
  • Optimal use of resources: Evaluation can be performed directly on site, in the office and supported by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Precise data capture: Extensive measuring functions for checking existing sewer data and planning sewer rehabilitation.

PANORAMO 4K: Vehicle system for main sewer inspection

IBAK PANORAMO 4K vehicle system main channel inspection 360-degree camera technology

PANORAMO 4K: Vehicle system for main sewer inspection

The IBAK vehicle system with PANORAMO 4K provides ultra-high resolution 3D interior views from main sewers.

A significant additional benefit of the system: Condition assessment can be carried out separately from the inspection and this increases productivity.

PANORAMO SI 4K: Variable manhole inspection system

IBAK PANORAMO SI 4K mobile manhole inspection system Main sewer inspection 360-degree camera technology

PANORAMO SI 4K: Variable manhole inspection system

The PANORAMO SI 4K manhole inspection system delivers ultra-high resolution 3D manhole images and precise measured data.

A major advantage is its mobility: In just a few steps, the vehicle system can be converted into a mobile system, so that it is possible to react flexibly to local conditions and also to reach manholes that are difficult to access.

IKAS evolution: The powerful platform for data acquisition and analysis

The IKAS evolution platform with the optional PANORAMO extensions and ArtIST offers the best basis for the collection, analysis and evaluation of the data. With the knowledge gained, well-founded and reliable decisions can be made.

PANORAMO SI manhole inspection

IKAS evolution provides expert support for data acquisition and analysis in compliance with specifications and regulations.

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ArtIST evaluation wizard

ArtIST provides automated condition detection and supports the creation of inspection reports.

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