LISY satellite inspection system

LISY (Lateral Inspection System) combines tractor and camera technology for the inspection of laterals from main sewers. The characteristic feature of satellite inspection is that a camera is launched into the lateral from a tractor in the main sewer.

Laterals with bends, branches, small pipe diameters and, above all, with limited or no access possibilities can be inspected efficiently with LISY technology.

Inspection in full HD resolution and with explosion protection

Inspection, digital data transmission and recording are carried out in real time using fibre optic technology. This yields high-quality data for the condition assessment of laterals. The explosion-proof version of the system can be used safely in hazardous areas.

High range and optimal visibility during inspection

The camera is propelled by a push rod or flushed in at variable speed. The observation camera facilitates introduction of the inspection camera into the lateral. The high range is achieved by the bend passing capability of the cameras, flexible push rods and powerful operating systems.

Pipe run measurement and position detection

LISY enables 3D GeoSense pipe run measurement to be performed in laterals. The pipe run is recorded with width, length and height data (xyz coordinates) and is displayed graphically and in real time. The height measurement data is additionally verified with the hydrostatic height measuring system.

Suitable accessories for every application

  • Cameras: Selection of bend-capable pan and rotate cameras
  • Observation camera: For precise introduction into laterals
  • Lift: For flexible adaptation to the main sewer dimensions
  • Funnels: Choice of different designs, shapes and lengths
  • Flushing nozzles: For propulsion and accompanying cleaning
  • Wheel sets: For adaptation to the nominal diameter, pipe type and pipe conditions
  • Rear-view camera: For controlled reverse movement
  • Ovoid pipe attachment: As an aid to propulsion with overturning protection

The LISY satellite system in application

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