Comprehensive support in the tendering process

Regardless of whether you are planning a public or restricted invitation to tender, we will be happy to provide you with individual and expert support from the early planning phase onwards with

  • the general description of the scope of services and the necessary requirements on the competence of contractors with regard to personnel, equipment and professional expertise as well as the execution of the work to be performed and the general terms and conditions of the contract
  • the preparation of the bill of quantities including information on the calculation of the work to be performed and the specification of the contractor's technical parameters on the technology and personnel to be used by him
  • definition of special works and special items
  • a specification sheet if required

Your advantages by using the tendering service

  • Time savings in the preparation and execution of the award procedure
  • Security for the execution of tenders in compliance with procurement law
  • Support from experts with specialist knowledge and many years of experience