The free IBAK PANORAMO Viewer is a powerful tool for interactive playback of PANORAMO films. PANORAMO films are not played back like other well-known film formats (MPEG, VHS), but the viewer can move actively in the film with the camera. This means that he can move the camera back and forth and pan 360°. In addition, the scanned object can be displayed in an unfolded view. In this case, the object (sewer, manhole) is cut open lengthwise and folded down sideways. If inspection data is available for the film, you can jump directly to the captured stations in the film. 

Measurements using point clouds A special procedure can be used to create a point cloud after a PANORAMO manhole scan has been created. During this process, a large number of measurement points are recorded on the basis of the optical image data. The structure (geometric shape) of the manhole can then be graphically displayed in the point cloud measurement by means of these points. In this representation, different measurements are also possible.

FunctionsDisplay of 3D inspection data and measurements by means of point cloud generation
File typesPANORAMO films (*.IPF) and PANORAMO scans (*.IPS)
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