Manufacturer of sewer inspection and rehabilitation systems

IBAK designs and produces high-quality sewer inspection and rehabilitation solutions for worldwide use. In this way, we have been making a significant contribution to the progress of the sewer industry for over 75 years. As a reliable partner, we help our customers to ensure the functionality of their sewer systems. For a clean environment and a secure supply.

A functioning sewer system is an important part of our civilization and contributes significantly to environmental protection. Because leaky sewage pipes pollute the soil and our groundwater. Defects in  sewer systems and laterals mean that untreated wastewater can infiltrate into the soil, the groundwater and bodies of water, thereby endangering the environment. The infiltration of extraneous water into sewers systems is also problematic: For one thing, the dilution of wastewater reduces the effectiveness of the treatment plants. For another thing, the greater volume of water can overload sewers, stormwater basins and wastewater treatment plants. In order to counteract these processes, precise knowledge of the sewer systems under the ground is vital. If the condition of the sewers and pipes is known, it is possible to react early in the event of damage. With the inspection systems designed and produced by IBAK, main sewers, laterals, manholes and pipes can be examined in detail. Furthermore, IBAK designs systems for leak testing of pipes as well as cutting and repair robots for sewer rehabilitation. IBAK also develops the associated software in-house.

Developing solutions

Our systems are ideally matched to each other and are used around the globe to ensure long-term safe and proper functioning of sewer systems.

  • Hardware: We design and produce high-quality sewer inspection and rehabilitation solutions for worldwide use.
  • Software: Our software solutions are based on a uniform cross-application operating concept.
  • Vehicle equipment: Our vehicle systems - from standardized equipment versions through to individual configurations - are synonymous with professional and durable operation.

High-tech design

Our systems are synonymous with reliability and safety under the demanding conditions in the system-relevant underground infrastructure.

  • Innovative strength: As the pioneer of the sewer industry, we are motivated and committed to continuing defining and actively shaping the future of the sewer inspection and rehabilitation industry.
  • Practical relevance: Our practice-oriented solutions pave the way for our customers' success.
  • Compatibility: Our modular systems are ideally matched to each other and are a safe investment.

System production

In our own production, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies, innovative manufacturing methods and the automation and digitalization of processes.

  • Manufacturing expertise: In-house manufacturing at our headquarters with qualified and experienced specialist staff.
  • Series production: Our process management ensures consistently high quality.
  • High vertical integration: IBAK know-how flows into all production steps.
  • Forward-looking warehousing: Ensures availability of system components and spare parts.
  • Optimized supply chain management: Smooth operation thanks to long-term relationships with our partners.

Quality management

Quality is ensured by quality checks combined with state-of-the-art measurement technology and fully automated test equipment.

  • Quality standard: We set high standards for the results of our daily work and thus comply with all safety-relevant directives and certifications such as CE, ATEX and IECEx.
  • Quality awareness: Effective quality management (ISO) ensures clearly defined processes.
  • Quality advantage: This results in durable, reliable systems.

Well advised

We have a suitable solution and accompany you as a partner on the way to your system.

  • Expertise: We contribute with our knowledge and experience to your project.
  • Cooperation: As a reliable partner, we maintain a close exchange with you.
  • Future-proof: We keep an eye on the big picture. This ensures that our customers' investments are sustainable and retain their value.


Our experienced team at seven locations in Germany and partners worldwide provide optimum support and ensure high operational readiness of your systems.

  • Customer proximity: We offer comprehensive service through our own branch offices and authorized partners in Germany and abroad.
  • Support: We support our customers with service, maintenance and repairs.
  • Competence: Our employees assist you with their knowledge and experience.

"Made in Germany" as a commitment to innovation, quality and product safety

Over 80 employees in research and development secure our position as a technology leader.

All system components of the hardware and software are specifically designed, produced and tested in Germany.

The high-quality, durable and certified product quality is achieved by compliance to highest standards.

Independent family business with long-term orientation

The company with the longest tradition in the industry was founded in 1945 by Helmut Hunger under the name of Ingenieur Büro Atlas Kiel. The management is still in family hands at the company headquarters in Kiel.

Corporate culture and relationships with employees, customers and partners are based on responsible, trustworthy and future-oriented action.

We continuously invest in our high product and service quality.

With this corporate philosophy, we consistently create added value. Our technological leadership ensures the sustainable success of our customers.

Always there for you - in person and digitally

Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. If you need advice and support with technical or application-related issues, please use the contact search.