Using light waves to achieve maximum resolution: transmission of more data over long distances without loss and in real time.

The volume of data in the world is growing exponentially. The drivers are digitization, technological progress and increasing networking. To enable data-intensive applications and processes at the point of origin in real time and without loss, a digital infrastructure with high-performance networks is needed. With its gigabit strategy, the German government is accelerating the transition from copper to fibre optic networks and aims to ensure nationwide availability by 2030. The basis for this are fibre optics. These have been used successfully in industrial applications for decades and form the foundation for a high-performance, fibre-optic-based Internet infrastructure from intercontinental underground and submarine cables through to private household connections.

Optical fibres: structure and function

Optical waveguides are the umbrella term for light-conducting connections that transmit data via optical signals without delay. As opposed to copper-based cables, photons instead of electrons transport the information in fibre optic cables. Optical waveguides are used in bundled and mechanically reinforced form as fibre optic cables.

Ready for the future with fibre optics

IBAK as a pioneer chose the right technology and has mastered fibre optic engineering since the introduction of PANORAMO in 2002. Video images are transmitted, displayed and stored digitally in high resolution in Full HD and 4K.

Decisive advantages in the use of fibre optic cables

  • Bandwidth: Brilliant image quality thanks to high transmission rates
  • Range: Loss-free transmission over long distances
  • Size and weight: Fibre optics are lightweight and require only a small cable diameter
  • Continuously digital: Uncompressed transmission via HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface)
  • Noise immunity: Insensitive to electrical or electromagnetic interference
  • Robustness: Modern optical fibres with a sturdy outer jacket are flexible and resilient

Fibre optics in application

Discover how inspection companies are successfully putting this technology into practice.

IBAK inspection vehicle operating room Full HD high-resolution sewer inspection in real time

Full HD: The "Game-Changer" turns 10 years old

Lossless data transmission in Full HD with optical waveguides as the basis for fibre-optic cables

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Manhole inspection with 4K resolution

360° scanner technology captures manholes comprehensively at a high inspection speed.

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IBAK inspection vehicles in operation Condition detection of partially filled large profiles

Condition detection in partly filled large diameter pipes

Instead of inspection on foot: Inspection with a camera and camera tractor attachment in a rehabilitated GRP large diameter pipe.

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