Condition detection in partly filled large diameter pipes

Instead of inspection on foot: Inspection with a camera and camera tractor attachment in a rehabilitated GRP large diameter pipe.

The inspection of the Leipzig main wastewater collectors that were partly filled was mainly performed on foot with the hand-held camera CERBERUS. For work safety reasons, the regular inspection of a section of 17 sewer reaches was carried out with the ARGUS 5 pan, tilt and rotate camera and a tractor attachment for large diameter pipes.

Systems and technologies involved


In a section of 17 reaches, the brick-built combined sewer was rehabilitated with pipes made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). Due to the smooth and slippery GRP surface in the invert and the high flow velocities, there were occupational safety concerns about sewer inspections on foot. Therefore, the use of a TV camera with a tractor attachment for large profiles seemed advisable as the only responsible way to inspect the section under investigation.


For the unmanned inspection of large diameter sewers in Leipzig, the IBAK ARGUS 5 pan, tilt and rotate camera with a T 86 camera tractor and a tractor attachment with pneumatic tyres and, in part, with an ovoid pipe attachment were used. For this purpose, the inspector mounted a tractor attachment with pneumatic tyres for nominal pipe diameters of DN 800 upwards on the IBAK T 86 camera tractor.


The inspection of a total of 22 reaches with an overall length of 1374.50 m with water levels between 20 and 30 cm, which were carried out on two different days, complete the regular examination by inspection on foot.

The use of the mobile system considerably reduced the risk for the personnel and finally made a comprehensive inspection of the large diameter pipes, which were not accessible on foot for safety reasons, at all possible.


Company introduction

The comprehensive measure was carried out by the company Lutz Kegel Städte- und Kanalreinigung on behalf of Leipziger Wasserwerke. Since 1991, the family-run medium-sized company has been active in the fields of sewer cleaning, sewer inspection, leak testing and waste disposal. Kegel, which is based in Arnstedt and Leipzig, employs 25 people.