Separation of inspection and evaluation

Greater efficiency of inspection procedures and personnel deployment thanks to an expedient division of labour

The interior view of a 15 km long main sewer with pipe diameters from DN 200 to DN 1300 was to be 100% captured completely in ultra HD for a sewer cadastre.


Disruption to public roads was to be kept to a minimum by keeping the inspection vehicle on the road for as short a time as possible. Rapid inspection was also required because the work took place in sewers with a heavy water load. Pipe stoppers were used. Retention basins where flooding could be considered had only limited storage.


Whereas conventional inspection systems generate video films that reflect the viewing directions selected by the inspector, the results of an inspection with the PANORAMO is a comprehensive film that covers the entire interior of the scanned pipeline.

Since the scanning process is independent of the number of events in the pipe, the inspection of sewers with the PANORAMO 4K can be time-scheduled. Condition assessment can be carried out at any time in the office and in line with to individual requirements, separately from the sewer inspection.


At least 4 to 6 sewer reaches were inspected with the PANORAMO 4K, whereas only 2 to 3 reaches would have been possible with a conventional inspection camera.

The PANORAMO film was analyzed in the office. The viewer could move freely in the sewer without any limitation to the view, stop in any position, do 360° pans, zoom, look into laterals and even look to the rear. All objects or defects such as misplaced joints, protruding pipe connections and infiltrations could be precisely viewed from all sides and also measured.

Company introduction

The roots of Röers GmbH go back to 1956. With over 60 years of experience in sewer construction and civil engineering, the Münster-based company works around the clock for a steadily growing clientele consisting of cities and municipalities, engineering and architect's offices and private households. The orders range from lateral inspections in detached houses to sewer inventories for main sewer systems of several hundred kilometres.

The basis for this is the company's fleet comprising 9 operative vehicles and a team of 27 employees, 14 of whom are responsible for the smooth operation of sewers. The managing director for sewer services is Martin Röers, who has successfully continued to run the business in the spirit of his father since 1992.