4K manhole inspection on the A 44 motorway

The challenge of the motorway: rapid documentation of the condition of sewer reaches and manholes with ongoing traffic.

On the A44, Sanierungstechnik Dommel GmbH (Dommel) inspects and documents in 4K resolution on behalf of the Autobahn-GmbH of the Federal German Government.


In addition to sophisticated traffic management, there is also a tight schedule. Over a distance of more than 25 km, the manholes to be inspected are located on 3 sides of the motorway: the hard shoulder in travelling direction, the middle strip between crash barriers and the side in the opposite travelling direction. The access conditions to the manholes vary greatly and require different working methods to suit them.


Depending on the conditions in the area of operation, the team worked either with the mobile system or efficiently from the vehicle: they inspected manholes located between the crash barriers from the van. The camera cable with the PANORAMO-SI-4K was positioned centrally over the manhole using a tripod.

Dommel inspected manholes in the embankment area of the A44 with the PANORAMO SI 4K on the mobile rack. This is powered by batteries and is independent of power connections.


Even the manholes that are inaccessible to the transporter were conveniently, efficiently and completely scanned with 4K resolution.

Company introduction

For many years, Sanierungstechnik Dommel GmbH has been using the PANORAMO SI to optically inspect manholes comprehensively and at high inspection speeds. The nationwide operating service company with more than 90 employees offers a wide range of services from a single source, from preliminary camera inspection via concept development through to rehabilitation measures.