Manhole inspection with 4K resolution

360° scanner technology captures manholes comprehensively at a high inspection speed.


In a municipality south-west of Wilhelmshaven, a water board commissioned a comprehensive initial survey of the sewer system. For the main sewer, a sewer cadastre was to be created for inventory purposes and its condition documented. In addition, the outgoing laterals and about 1000 manholes were to be inspected.


Selected manholes were located on narrow properties in a holiday house area.The manholes were situated behind each house in a narrow area between the house wall and the planted property line and were inaccessible to an inspection vehicle. One of numerous situations where the vehicle could not be positioned directly at the manhole.


For the inspection of these manholes, the compact winch was removed from the vehicle in just a few steps. Fixed to the mobile rack by a quick-fastener system, the PANORAMO SI 4K was quickly converted into a mobile system. This meant that manholes that were inaccessible to the vehicle could be reached quickly without having to carry any equipment. Thanks to the large pneumatic tyres of the mobile rack, the inspector was also able to move quickly on the rough, bumpy or heavily overgrown terrain. The system, including the splash-proof laptop, was powered by high-performance standard exchangeable batteries, independently of a power supply.


Inspections by Nehlsen AWG with the PANORAMO SI 4K have shown that even manholes that are inaccessible for an inspection vehicle can be completely scanned conveniently and efficiently in 4K resolution. The high productivity results from the conversion of the inspection system from the vehicle to a battery-powered mobile system within minutes.

Company introduction

Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Wilhelmshaven GmbH (AWG) has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG since January 2010. The extensive range of services offered by the Wilhelmshaven-based company extends from leak testing via sewer cleaning and inspection through to sewer rehabilitation using short liners and pipe liners.