TV inspection down the wooded slope

Special application for the inspection of a difficult-to-access main sanitary sewer.

Systems and technologies involved


The main sanitary sewer with diameters of DN 200 to DN 250 made of plastic is inaccessible to inspection vehicles. It runs from a village located on the mountain top down the slope to the valley. From the lowest to the highest point of the municipality, the difference in altitude is almost exactly 1000 metres.


The TV inspection started from the top of the mountain. For this purpose, the compact camera tractor system MainLite fit was brought to the starting point in the village. From there, the sewer reaches were accessed via the manholes located along the steeply sloping hiking trail down into the valley.


Four employees of Steinauer Kanalservice AG were on site for the cleaning and inspection of the main sanitary sewer. The work on the Illgau slope took a total of 2 days. The condition of the reaches could be completely recorded..

Company introduction

Steinauer Kanalservice AG was founded in 1932. The family business is based in Einsiedeln in the Swiss canton of Schwyz.