Using artificial intelligence in sewer inspection

With its own development department specifically for AI topics, IBAK is working on and developing several AI projects. One focus is automated condition detection in inspection films (ArtIST). Another equally exciting project is the AI-based autopilot for inspection equipment with pan and rotate cameras (aiControl). IBAK is also researching how AI methodology in sewer data can be used for rehabilitation planning and prediction models.

Inspections are used to record the structural and operational conditions of sewer systems. Condition detection thus forms the optimal basis for the development of maintenance and rehabilitation measures. The quality of the collected data is crucial for this.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has already proven its worth in sewer inspection and provides objective and consistent data.

Challenges in inspecting sewer systems

  • Lack of qualified personnel
  • Greater time requirements for manual condition detection and coding
  • Demands on specialist staff are increasing
  • Need for objective and consistent data
  • Growing and increasingly complex wastewater infrastructure

Opportunities through AI-supported sewer inspection

Expert personnel is a company's most valuable asset and a key factor in economic success. The requirements for carrying out an inspection are high: In addition to a large amount of coordination work at the preparatory stage, the technically demanding inspection system must be operated, the work site must be secured and high-quality, data collection in compliance with the rules and regulations must be guaranteed.

The use of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence supports inspectors in making the main tasks and procedures of sewer inspection more efficient and easier to plan.

Network operators receive objectively evaluated and high-quality condition data, on the basis of which measures can be reliably planned.

Decisive advantages through the use of artificial intelligence

  • Higher productivity:Less manual input needed
  • Good planning:Permanent availability of the AI ​​web service
  • Noticeable time-saving:Inspection recordings can be analysed and evaluated more quickly
  • Objective data quality:For comparable inspection results
  • Make better decisions: The higher the quality of the inspection data, the more reliable the rehabilitation strategies

With AI on the way to fully autonomous sewer inspection

ArtIST: The evaluation assistant in the cloud

ArtIST (Artificial Intelligence Software Tool) supports inspectors in creating inspection reports through automated condition detection. The web service is a cloud-based extension to the IKAS evolution sewer analysis software.

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aiControl: The development project for fully automatic camera control

The inspection of main sewers and house connections with pan and tilt cameras will become more efficient in the future with AI technologies. The autopilot controls the camera (speed, rotate, pan, bend and zoom) automatically and the video is analyzed in real time while recording.

AI is only as good as your data

High data quality is the prerequisite for optimal processing and analysis by AI. PANORAMO 4K systems offer the best basis for this by recording the entire interior view of the pipe in 4K resolution.

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Artificial intelligence in application

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Separation of inspection and evaluation

Greater efficiency of inspection procedures and personnel deployment thanks to an expedient division of labour

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Manhole inspection with 4K resolution

360° scanner technology captures manholes comprehensively at a high inspection speed.

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