Viewing, suction and cleaning - Three jobs, one vehicle

In addition to the suction and cleaning function, the Mercedes Antos is also equipped with professional sewer inspection technology.

Systems and technologies involved


From the front apron to the end cross-member, the 19-tonner is designed to efficiently and economically master the most diverse daily operations in the service of Brackweder Kanalreinigung W.Walls GmbH & Co. KG efficiently and economically.


The driving cab, which is tailored to local traffic and has a width of 2300 mm, enables the driver to get in and out easily and quickly. With its flat design, the vehicle is designed for dense and often narrow urban traffic. The economical diesel engine is an inline six-cylinder with a cubic capacity of 7.7 litres and a rated output of 260 kW. The two-axle tractor unit with a wheelbase of 5800 millimetres was fitted with a 6810 millimetre box body. This box contains the technology for all three tasks: cleaning, suctioning and inspecting.

Equipment for cleaning jobs

The installation of the combined high-pressure suction and cleaning unit with the sonorous name Vacumaster Type F 50 H in the truck was carried out by MÜLLER Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany's largest manufacturer of wet waste disposal vehicles. The owner-managed, medium-sized and internationally active company, headquartered in Schieder-Schwalenberg, Germany, employs 230 people and stands out due to a high proportion of in-house designed components.

The experienced company integrated a suction-pressure system into the truck. This is equipped with a rotary compressor vacuum pump, which is hydraulically driven via the power take-off of the chassis. A suction hose transport reel, which can hold 10 metres of DN 75/80 and 50 metres of DN 50 suction hose and is hydraulically driven in both directions of rotation, was mounted in front of the box body. In addition, MÜLLER equipped the vehicle with a high-pressure system consisting of a hydraulically driven cleaning pump with a capacity of 160 bar. A special feature is the two oil-hydraulically driven cleaning hose reels, with one HP reel for a 150-metre DN 13 hose and one reel for a 140-metre DN 19 plastic high-pressure cleaning hose.

The water technical structure consists of a cylindrical tank with a total volume of 5,000 litres, divided into a water chamber and a sludge chamber. Thanks to the water tank, cleaning operations can be carried out independently of the hydrant network. "We can also collect water from open water bodies and no longer depend on city water," explains Rosemarie Buschkamp. The collection tank for collecting extracted debris from the sewer system is installed transversely, as the sewer pipe inspection equipment is housed in the rear compartment. For the integration of these components, the baton was passed to IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG.

Equipment for inspection jobs

The medium-duty local transport truck contains advanced technologies from IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG. Fully equipped inspection vehicles are the core business of the world market leader for sewer inspection systems. For example, the LISY-3 system has been integrated into the vehicle so that the inspection of laterals can be carried out from from main sewers. The ORION 2.8 L pan and rotate camera is on board for the inspection of ramified sewer systems from DN 100 upwards. This camera features full rotation capability of the camera head, remote control of the viewing direction and all lens functions, and internal pressure monitoring. It produces an upright image in axial view thanks to the UPC (Upright Picture Control) function. For cleaning and inspection in a single operation, the switchable PHOBOS-4 cleaning nozzle can be inserted between the camera and the push rod.

In addition, the explosion-proof ORION 2.9 is available in every application, enabling inspections in up to DN 600 without the need for an additional lighting. The pan and rotate head can rotate endlessly around its own axis and provides a view in all directions as well as backwards into laterals. It can pan automatically around joints and the laser integrated in the camera, in combination with IBAK's IKAS evolution software, enables convenient diameter and deformation measurements during sewer inspections. In addition, it can be used to perform defects and object measurements.


The truck so equipped undertakes hydrodynamic cleaning and unclogging of pipelines, especially sewers and for suction and transport of liquids and slurries. Pipelines and sewers up to a nominal diameter range of DN 800 can be cleaned. By combining water jetting and suction, heavy contamination such as sand, debris and deposits can be economically removed from pipes and sewers.

With the LISY-3 system in the vehicle, even hard-to-reach laterals can be cleaned and inspected. For this purpose, the cleaning hose of the high-pressure water jetter is inserted into the lateral with the aid of the LISY. Contaminants that are flushed out of laterals are immediately removed by the suction device and do not remain in the sewer.

The Brackweder Kanalreinigung W. Walls GmbH & Co. KG uses this truck to handle jobs for private households, property management companies, cities and municipalities. "Work on company and business premises can now also be carried out with one vehicle," explains Ms. Buschkamp. Since the white truck left the IBAK delivery hall in November 2014, it has been in daily use. Rosemarie Buschkamp is satisfied with the newest member of her fleet: "It is just right for our special orders. We always have the required technology in the vehicle and can get the job done, no matter what awaits us on site."

Company introduction

Brackweder Kanalreinigung W. Walls GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in pipe and sewer cleaning since it was founded in 1953. The Bielefeld-based company offers a wide range of services, from grease trap cleaning via the elimination of pipe or sewer blockages through to sewer inspection with a TV camera and leak testing.