Outfitted 15-tonne vehicle's first operation at helicopter airfield

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Systems and technologies involved


The 15-tonne truck is celebrating its operational debut for the job at the airfield in Laupheim. At the construction site, the main sewers and laterals are to be cleaned, inspected and tested for leaks as part of the acceptance test for the new construction work.


Mantz's new acquisition is a MAN TGM 15.290. With its 15-tonne gross weight, it is equipped with a sporty engine: The 6.8-litre D08 inline six-cylinder with 290 HP meets the Euro VI emissions standard. The two-axle semi-trailer with a wheelbase of 4425 millimetres was fitted with a box body with an inside length of 6100 millimetres. The rear portal was lowered so that the operator can easily and quickly enter and exit the truck via a single-step staircase. In addition, the truck was equipped with a loading lift system. With an extension and retraction length of over 3 metres and a load capacity of up to 300 kg, the lifting device is a practically designed construction with which heavy equipment can be moved. Large pipe packers, for example, can be conveniently loaded and unloaded with it. The water-technical structure consists of two tanks with a total volume of 2200 litres, so that cleaning operations can also be carried out independently of the hydrant network.

Inside the medium-duty local transport truck are proven technologies from IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co. KG such as the ARGUS 5 pan, tilt and rotate camera. Thanks to the ROTAX mechanism, the camera image from the IBAK ARGUS 5 always remains erect and non-reversed, even when the camera head is panned, tilted or rotated, so that the viewer can orientate himself without any problems. The powerful drives of the high-performance IBAK camera tractors enable pipes to be negotiated even over long distances, so that the entire 500m cable of the KW 505 cable winch can be utilized. For the acceptance test at the Laupheim site, Mantz employee Rolf Schneider inspected 610 metres of main sewer with nominal diameters of DN 200 to DN 1000 with the ARGUS 5. He then checked the leak tightness of the pipe with air. For this purpose, the area to be tested was separated with sealing elements. The required test pressure was applied to this test area and the pressure drop was measured over the prescribed test period. As a result, the leak-tightness of the reach could be confirmed in accordance with the standard.

For the inspection of property drainage lines, the IBAK POLARIS push camera is on board the truck. The camera head of the POLARIS is positioned at the end of a stable arm, which uses its swivel joint to steer the camera head into laterals. The camera with 90-degree bend-passing and direction-changing capability therefore provides an unrestricted field of view. The ORION 2.9 was used for the acceptance test of new DN 150 polypropylene pipelines. The pan and rotate camera can rotate endlessly around its own axis, provide a view in all directions as well as to the rear into laterals and automatically pan around joints. With the integrated LISY-3 system, Mantz can perform inspections of laterals from main sewers. At the airfield, all DN150 laterals were inspected and also subsequently leak-tested. In all cases, the pressure drop in the laterals was within the permissible standard range so the pipes could therefore be accepted as free of leaks.


With the comprehensive equipment of the Mantz truck, the main sewers and connecting pipes could be cleaned by flushing, inspected by means of camera inspection and then subjected to a pressure test as part of the new construction acceptance test. The leak test supplemented the visual inspection for a reliable structural and operational condition assessment. Mantz employee Rolf Schneider was on site for a week for this job.

Company introduction

Mantz Stadthygiene GmbH & Co. KG, based in Ehingen, has developed into a stately company since it was founded in 1992. The grandfather of the current managing director Roland Mantz had already been carrying out pit emptying for the city since 1948. Over the past 27 years, Roland Mantz has continuously modernized the company and expanded its field of business. Today, the company offers a wide range of services, from grease trap cleaning and the removal of pipe or sewer blockages to sewer inspection with TV camera and leak testing. "Fifty percent of our orders come from industry, 40 percent from municipalities and ten percent are private," explains the originally trained farmer. The basis for the work is a company fleet of 12 emergency vehicles with high-pressure flushing vehicles, hazardous materials suction vehicles, and rehabilitation and sewer inspection vehicles, all painted ruby red.