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In addition to the equipment for full HD inspections of main sewers and inspections of laterals from the main sewers, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter also has the equipment for 3D GeoSense pipe run measurements, hydrostatic height measurements and continuous deformation measurements. Last but not least, 360° camera technology with 4K resolution for main sewers and manholes is integrated.


Under the streets of St. Ingbert there is a sewer system with a length of almost 266 kilometres. The sewage department of the city of St. Ingbert is responsible for the drainage of the fifth largest city in the Saarland with more than 36,000 inhabitants. It commissioned A.S.T. with the new inspection, preferably in 4K resolution, of the complete sewer system with pipe diameters of DN 150 to DN 1600.


For the major project, which is scheduled to run for 2 years, a sewer cadastre is to be drawn up for the main sewer for inventory purposes and its condition is to be documented. In addition, some of the outgoing connecting pipes will be inspected. Last but not least, all 7,000 manholes will be included in the inspection and documentation of the entire system.


For this purpose, the company invested in a new inspection vehicle and IBAK outfitted the Sprinter according to the requirements of A.S.T. with many practical details. The combined cleaning and TV inspection vehicle is designed for daily work requirements and a long-lasting and economical use. Lightweight and high-quality finishing materials create sufficient space for the high-quality cleaning and inspection components.

On board, in addition to the 360-degree cameras PANORAMO 4K and PANORAMO SI 4K for complete scanning of sewers or manholes, is also the ARGUS pan, tilt and rotate camera with the ROTAX pan mechanism, so that the image always remains erect and non-reserved, even when the camera head is panned, tilted or rotated. For the inspection of property drainage lines, the inspector has the IBAK ORION 3 L pan and rotate camera on board. In combination with the LISY lateral inspection system, the ORION 3 L can be used to inspect laterals from main sewers. It is possible to work independently thanks to the water tank with a capacity of approx. 1100 litres. With the TITAN water jetter, smaller cleaning operations can thus be carried out spontaneously and independently of the hydrant network.

The working areas in the operator's and equipment sections as well as in the rear of the vehicle are functionally designed according to ergonomic aspects. They ensure both a convenient and smooth workflow. That all the solutions installed in the system come from a single source pays off in terms of safety, because the emergency stop affects all components of the IBAK system. This ensures the highest possible level of safety.


The entire job for the the city of St. Ingbert can be carried out in its complexity with this versatile vehicle. The equipment facilitates planning and allows a flexible response to unforeseen events.

Decisive for the economic execution of the order are furthermore:

Efficient division of labour
The condition assessment of the PANORAMO 4K and PANORAMO-SI 4K films can be carried out either in the office or directly on site. The scanning of sewage pipes as well as that of manholes is performed independently of the number of events in the inspected object and can therefore be time-scheduled. A.S.T. has opted for analysis in the office in order to avoid vehicle downtimes. The analysis of the material thus does not take place in the hustle, bustle and noise on the road.

The result of the optical scanning process is a digital film in 4K resolution, which A.S.T. passes on to the client. The client can use the license-free viewing software to display the manholes and sewers not only in a perspective view but also in an unfolded view that provides a quick overview of the condition of the structure. The inspection reports and inspection data are suitable for all common data interfaces. The inspection results can therefore be transferred without restrictions with the films and all defects codes both in ISYBAU and DWA M-150 format.

Pipe run measurement
As further steps of the extensive project for the city of St. Ingbert, cleaning, inspection and pipe run measurement of the laterals from the main sewers are planned in subsections. This involves continuous, time-saving, automatic three-dimensional measurement of the run of the pipe together with the inspection. Not only are selective changes in direction at obvious bends taken into account, but all factors affecting the position are recorded. 3D-GeoSense pipe run measurement captures the x,y,z coordinates of the pipes, so that structural specifications such as pulled joints or bent pipes are registered realistically. If required, however, A.S.T. can verify the results of the 3D pipe run measurement by an additional hydrostatic height measurement. For this purpose, the water column in the cleaning hose is measured by means of a pressure sensor. The elevation of pipe systems is measured with an accuracy of ± 1 cm.

In the course of the project, the pipe run measurement and the hydrostatic height measurement will successively complete the information on the sewer system to be inspected under the streets, buildings, paths and green spaces of St. Ingbert. The comprehensive data will be used by the city to calculate any necessary investments and plan the structural implementation with optimal use of resources. The generated map of the ramified laterals makes it easier to find the pipes during the subsequent implementation phase of any necessary rehabilitation measures or can be used for other structural planning.

Company introduction

A.S.T. Klaus Germann Umweltschutz GmbH (A.S.T.) has specialized in pipe and sewer cleaning and separation technology since it was founded in 1914. Based in Pirmasens in Rhineland-Palatinate, the company now offers a wide range of services from the maintenance of oil, petrol and grease separators via the disposal of hazardous substances and the elimination of pipe or sewer blockages through to sewer inspection with a TV camera, leak testing and sewer rehabilitation. With a fleet of more than 30 vehicles, the majority of the 40-strong A.S.T. team is on the road every day to clean, inspect or rehabilitate sewers.

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