Order processing with the cutting and inspection system

Added value through combination: inspection and rehabilitation services from a single source.

Insights into the daily work of the Dutch company Induron B.V. which uses one vehicle to handle both inspection and rehabilitation jobs.

Systems and technologies involved


In the early days, Eduard Veenhuis had to rely on his good network to perform rehabilitation tasks. When necessary, he cooperated with subcontractors. This worked well, he says, but required a great deal of coordination and planning, because he was always tied to the capacities of his partner companies.


In many Dutch municipalities, there is high, pressing groundwater that infiltrates into the sewer system through defects in wastewater pipes. Increased infiltration problems have led to a high need for rehabilitation in the region and thus to an increasing number of tenders.


Unlike large rehabilitation companies which have several teams in operation for the different work stages, at Induron all work occurring at the operating site is carried out by one and the same team. This team now works with the pneumatic cutting robot MicroGator Air, which is a component of its latest IBAK combined cutting and TV truck. With the multifunctional truck, they carry out all steps with their own equipment independently of outside services.


The small specialist company would not have been able to profitably exploit a purely electric cutting system for its requirements, as it does not carry out cutting work around the clock day after day. The multifunctional system makes it possible to carry out jobs ranging from inspection to rehabilitation work economically, effectively and holistically. The team can reliably remove obstructions blocking the flow of wastewater, no matter whether it is a question of protruding connections, debris or frequently occurring root ingrowth, independently of subcontractors. Since Induron can operate both the Orpheus inspection camera and the MicroGator Air pneumatic cutting robot with the installed IBAK MainLite system, this equipment works to full capacity and is profitable for holistic job execution.

Company introduction

Eduard Veenhuis and his brother Theo Veenhuis founded the company in 1999 with a focus on sewer inspections. Eduard Veenhuis eventually expanded Induron B.V.'s range of services to include short liner procedures and manhole rehabilitation. For about 3 years now, the 4-member team has been participating more and more often in tenders in the rehabilitation sector.