Using the power of water with and under high pressure

Efficient and controlled elimination of a full concrete blockage with a ultra-high pressure water jet.

Systems and technologies involved


Kanaltechnik Meyer GmbH & Co. KG was called to the Vogelherd district to restore the flow of two sewer reaches.


The reaches at the site were concrete DN 400 sewers with a circular cross-section which were completely sealed with concrete over a section of 20 meters. The concrete had unintentionally flowed through a lateral into two sewer reaches connected by a manhole. The manhole with a diameter of about one metre was closed with concrete up to a level of 0.8 metres. Consequently, there was no flow in either of the two reaches. Since a large number of households are connected to the affected reaches, quick action was required. With the aim of restoring the reaches to full functionality in the shortest possible time, IBAK Robotics and falch were given the opportunity to demonstrate the robot-guided ultra-high pressure water jetting technology of Kanaltechnik Meyer GmbH & Co. KG in practical application.


The MicroGator equipment carrier, to which among other things the magnetically braked falch Drainspeed 30 ultra-high-pressure water jet nozzle and the X-Jet cross-jet head were connected, travelled against the direction of flow at continuous speed. The rotation of the falch nozzles achieved a very good shearing effect at 2500 bar and 24 l/min. The angle of each nozzle was set such that only the concrete to be removed was machined and not the pipe wall. Work began in the 51-meter-long reach. After introduction of the robot, the concrete wall was located at a distance of 43 metres. The solid concrete was crushed piece by piece over a distance of 8 metres up to the manhole under camera observation and then flushed out of the reach. In the manhole itself, the concrete was removed manually. In the second manhole, which was then worked on, it was possible to see the culprit connection at 2.50 metres. In this reach, the concrete could be completely removed in this way over a distance of a further 11 metres.


The operation in Schwabach has shown that robot-guided ultra-high-pressure water jetting technology can be used to remove extensive deposits in a way that is fast, economical and gentle on the pipe substance. A complete concrete blockage over a length of 20 metres in a sewer reach was removed. Controlled water jetting technology is a practical supplement to electric cutting for metre-long blockages in pipes. Where there are extensive deposits of a solid character over a large area, water jet technology is the more economical option. The electric cutting robot, on the other hand, is predestined for precise work such as smoothing protruding pipe connections and misplaced joints and opening laterals after the installation of pipe liners. The variability and versatility of the MicroGator electric cutting robot, which can be achieved by adapters for an inspection camera, ultra-high-pressure water jet technology and packers for top hat and sleeve installation, was convincing in trial operation.

Company introduction

Kanaltechnik Meyer GmbH & Co. KG is a young and ambitious company from Schwabach in Middle Franconia. The range of services includes the areas of sewer cleaning, sewer inspection and sewer rehabilitation.