Bend capable system with bag plug for laterals

Range of application DN 100 – DN 150


Bend capable system with bag plug for laterals

IBAK PROCON is a unique bag plug which is used for leak-testing of laterals. Thanks to a protective housing that automatically opens and closes parallel to the sealing procedure, the rubber stopper only comes into contact with the pipeline during the sealing procedure.

The system works together with all pushrod cameras in the IBAK MODULAR system. With the aid of the ORION L, PROCON can be precisely navigated and positioned even through branched network sections. Thanks to its compact design, the smooth surface of the protective housing and the grippy IBAK “Magic Push Rod”, this succeeds easily and conveniently - even through many bends. Optimal sealing function of the bag plug is ensured by highly-flexible special rubber.

The patented closure mechanism (DE 10 2005 048 145 B3) works reliably and with surprising simplicity: in the evacuated (void of air) status, the bellows-shaped stopper is pulled together and is protected by two closed semi-shells.

The bag plug is pushed to the desired job site and pumped up via a pressure vacuum hand pump. In this process, the natural rubber stopper hugs the pipe wall over a large surface area due to longitudinal elongation, and thus ensures a reliable sealing of the pipe even at low interior pressure.

After the test is executed the stopper returns to its compact initial shape through evacuation (generation of a vacuum via the pressure vacuum hand pump) and can then be either pulled out or repositioned.

System requirements

  • Pan and rotate camera ORION/ORION L

Mode of operation/features

  • Generation of a vacuum via pressure vacuum hand pump
  • - 0.8 to 3 bar
  • Special HSP 40 with rotary leadthrough for compressed air
  • Length of the push rod 40 m


  • Bag plug DN 150

    • for use in DN 125 – DN 150

Technical data

Product classification Bend-capable bag plug for laterals
Range of application DN 100 – DN 125 optionally DN 125 to
DN 150