Pan, tilt and rotate camera

Inspection range DN 200 and up


The IBAK ARGUS 5 is a pan, tilt and rotate camera that can be adapted to the required settings for each specific inspection at the push of a button.

Thus, pan mode (direction of view: right/left, e.g. for lateral service connections) or tilt mode (direction of view: up/down, e.g. for pipe inverts) can be accessed using the preselect button. The other selectable functions "45° angle of view*", "90°angle of view" (both of which settings are available in all directions: right / left / up / down), "reset" and "automatic joint inspection" ensure highly efficient inspection procedures.

With the ARGUS 5, the camera picture always stays right-side up and correctly oriented thanks to the ROTAX panning mechanism, even when the camera head is panned, tilted or rotated. This in turn helps orient the user.

The integrated, adjustable high-power LEDs assure optimum illumination at both close and long range. They also make it possible to inspect larger diameter pipes without the need for additional lighting. The left and right-hand lighting units can be switched on and off separately* and follow the movements of the camera head, thus making it easier to identify defects clearly and to distinguish them from e.g. grout shadows. With its integrated joint gap lighting, which can be switched on when required, and the automatic joint inspection function, the ARGUS certainly lives up to its name.

IBAK has optimised the advantages of automatic focussing with its innovative "one-push autofocus": whenever the camera head changes position or returns to the default position, the autofocus only needs to be triggered once and immediately generates a sharp picture.

In combination with IBAK's IKAS software, the integrated laser enables you to perform diameter, deformation and defect measurements easily during sewer inspections.