Pan, tilt and rotate camera

DN 200 and up


The ARGUS 6 is a pan, tilt and rotate camera for operation in mainline sewers of DN 200 upwards. It is the first IBAK camera to combine the proven ROTAX pan mechanism with full HD resolution. The ROTAX mechanism ensures that the image always remains erect and non-reversed when the camera head is panned, tilted or rotated, so that the observer can orientate himself in the sewer at all times during the inspection.

Thanks to the automatic lighting control system, all images are perfectly illuminated so that there is no dazzle in recordings of small diameter pipes and image noise is avoided in large diameter pipes. Furthermore, the left- and right-hand light units, which can be switched on and off separately and which pan with the camera, make it easier to clearly identify defects and to distinguish them for example from filler shadows. The one-push autofocus immediately provides a sharp image again when it is activated manually and after an automatic position change of the camera head.

With the integrated laser, it is possible to determine inside diameters and deformations, for example in flexible pipes, and to measure defects that can be analysed and displayed with the IBAK sewer analysis software.

The user-friendly desktop allows both the inspection procedure and the analysis to be performed most efficiently. Among other things, depending on the job requirement, frequently used functions can be switched on with a quick selection key. These include for example the viewing direction settings for pan mode, tilt mode and neutral position. Automatic panning around joints can also be selected with a shortcut key combination. At the same time, the speed can be adjusted to suit the inside pipe diameter so that perfect recording quality is achieved in all pipe diameters from DN 200 to DN 2000. This speed adjustment is possible with all current tractor-operated IBAK HD systems.

The ARGUS 6 is a camera that combines many features which have been tried and tested with many years of experience and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of uses. Full HD resolution, the ROTAX pan mechanism, the automatic lighting control system and an intelligent heat management function which ensures a long service life of the camera are always on board the ARGUS 6. An explosion-safe version of the ARGUS 6 will of course also be available.