Manhole zoom camera

Inspection range DN 150 and up


The ASPECTA is a manhole zoom camera (also known as an electronic sewer mirror) with which you can look into associated sewers from the manhole without having to go down it.

The ASPECTA is used to check the operational status and can be deployed for instance to plan needs-based sewer cleaning and additional inspection measures. So the ASPECTA is a simple, rapid, low-cost instrument for scheduling any further measures that may be required. Thanks to the high zoom factor (30x optical) and the lighting which is adequate even in sewers with larger diameters, a view is also possible into parts of sewer sections a long way away from the manhole.

The camera is placed in the manhole by means of a telescopic rod and positioned in front of the sewer. A mounted base to place the camera in the invert and a motor-driven pan mechanism make for easier, precise handling. A distance measurement is possible via an integrated laser. The standard exchangeable storage battery used is an uncomplicated form of power supply, as batteries can be easily obtained and charged. For the ASPECTA, you can choose between the control console BP2 and the control console BP100, both of which can also be used with the other portable IBAK systems.

The IKAS Cleaner cleaning software enables the job data captured after cleaning to be transferred digitally to the sewer data manager software. This data can now be supplemented by the ASPECTA image data, so that paper-free data communication is established between the cleaning vehicle and the information system.


Advantages at a Glance:


  • Rapid check of the operational status
  • Power LED lighting for optimum illumination
  • Easy to operate
  • High zoom factor (30x)
  • Integrated distance measurement
  • Bipod for easy handling
  • PC fully integrated into the control console
  • Digital transfer of captured data (IKAS Cleaner)