Axial hand camera

Inspection of main sewers


The IBAK CERBERUS is an ideal extension to all IBAK TV systems in order to visually assess the condition of large human-accessible sewers.

The CERBERUS is a hand-held TV camera – with its ergonomically designed holder, lightweight design and automatic shutter and focus functions that can be activated if required, video recording is as easy as pie. The CERBERUS features all desirable camera functions, such as a 10x optical zoom, autofocus and automatic/manual shutter.

The CERBERUS is connected to TV systems via the extension kit. Continuous voice contact is possible between the operator and the inspector, as a headset ensures interference-free communication with the control centre via the camera cable. In this way operator and inspector can work closely while performing special inspection tasks.

Two durable high-power LED headlights and the 10x optical zoom lens are particularly useful for showing up cracks and small defects.

By projecting two laser points on the TV picture at a defined distance from each other, the inspector can easily estimate relative sizes depicted in the picture and thus efficiently evaluate the condition of the sewer.