The cloud-based evaluation assistant


Manual condition recording is a thing of the past
Capturing and documenting damage incidents is time-consuming and requires a significant inspection effort. This is compounded by an increasingly complex wastewater structure, limited availability of skilled personnel, and the concomitant pressure to set up efficient inspection and documentation processes.

The future is smart and automated
Using artificial intelligence, extracting condition data from sewer inspection films can be automated – and thereby performed at any time, independently of human resources and anyone’s shape on a particular day. Inspectors will no longer be tied up with extracting standard information, but will only have to evaluate it professionally. Of course, this does not replace but optimises the billable service of optical inspection and the capturing of condition data.

IBAK ArtIST: The cloud-based evaluation assistant
ArtIST is a cloud-based extension of the IKAS evolution sewer analysis software that supports inspectors in the creation of inspection reports through automated condition identification. Important: The service provision remains entirely with the inspector. But the otherwise very time-consuming and personnel-intensive inspection process is optimised. In the process, the web service is continuously becoming more efficient in the identification and categorisation of damage incidents through application and feedback.

The new workflow with ArtIST

  1. You perform the optical inspection as usual by means of a camera inspection
  2. Then, the inspection film is transmitted via IKAS evolution to the integrated ArtIST web service with just one click
  3. After data processing, the film file is returned to you for assessment and evaluation, with the damage incidents marked and taking into account defined sewer data regulations/client specifications

It’s about time: Experience IBAK ArtIST in action
Feel free to contact us for a product demo or if you have any questions: Software Sales Team

Information on the protection of your data
The protection of your data is important to us. We therefore take special care to protect your data, especially from third-party access. Hosting takes place on a European web service ensuring GDPR-compliant processing. Data sovereignty over the exploitation rights remains entirely with the user. IBAK uses the film data and user inputs exclusively for the operation of the web service and its optimisation.