The Video Analysis option

IKIS Video analysis

The Video Analysis option

Option „Video-Analyse“

IBAK IKIS – The Video Analysis option

The inspection is recorded on site as a digital film using a simple recording device; e.g. an MPEG recorder. The coiler's length counter is shown or recorded for each station as the only information on the video image.

Films created as described above or in a similar manner can be connected with IKIS using the video analysis option, and used to help create a qualified status report later. You thus receive status data for such downstream processes as evaluations, renovation planning, etc, even if nothing more than an MPEG film was created on-site.

The connection is made between a film and its section or lateral record using a simple assignment process. Any number of films can be assigned to any sewer network object in any order you wish to set.

The film is then evaluated during later analysis.