Laser Profiler

Deformation measurement in sewer pipes


The IBAK ILP (Laser Profiler) reliably locates and measures sewer pipe deformations.

The deformation measurement is carried out by a laser diode mounted on a pipe camera (TRITON, JUNO, ORION, ORPHEUS, ARGUS 5, PANORAMO). Depending on pipe diameter and camera type, the laser extension and support may vary.

The laser profiler mode of operation is based on a laser ring, which is projected onto the pipe wall and subsequently recorded by the connected camera. The software calculates the data received and creates a 3D model of the pipe geometry. It is also possible to generate two-dimensional illustrations and graphics.

With these graphic illustrations all requisite information regarding the diameter, ovality, deformation, corrosion, percentage of full capacity, minimum/maximum diameter as well as horizontal and vertical diameter (X and Y) in mm can be deduced.

The data collected by the whole recording can be viewed and shared using our licence-free viewer at any time.

This system provides for a high level of accuracy (tolerance ±0.5% in relation to pipe diameter). The IBAK Laser Profiler is an international measuring instrument recognised by the WRC (Water Research Council) in England and the Department of Transportation USA.