Cable winches with integrated boom

Fully automatic, motor-driven


The IBAK KW 305, KW 310 and KW 505 are fully automatic, motordriven cable winches holding up to 600 m (KW 505 with BS 5) of camera cable. All three are designed for the operation with IBAK camera tractors and cameras.

Also IBAK LISY on T76/ T86 in combination with the LISY winches is operated with KW 305/310/505. The IBAK camera systems PANORAMO, PANORAMO 150 and PANORAMO SI can be operated with KW 310 and KW 505 (with FO cable). The integrated traction regulating device synchronises camera tractor and cable winch operation: the cable is coiled onto and uncoiled from the winch in accordance with the speed of the camera tractor.

This intelligent regulating system prevents the camera tractor from running over the camera cable and at the same time ensures that the camera tractor reverses at a consistent speed. The swivel boom enables exact positioning of the camera system over the manhole. The relevant camera system can then be lowered safely and accurately into the manhole with the hoist, whilst the integrated workplace light provides optimum illumination of the manhole opening.

The automatic cable guide ensures even winding of the camera cable onto the winch. In addition, the user can take advantage of the autostop function. This stops the camera tractor automatically at pre-defined positions when it is moving in reverse direction. This is particularly useful when it is approaching the entry manhole – a further example of the great user-friendliness of IBAK inspection systems.

The IBAK cable winches KW 310 and KW 505 provide digital and lossfree image videos. Both utilize a fibre-optic cable (FO) for this. With the KW 305, coaxial cable is used for analog video transmission. The cable reel KW 505 holds a maximum of 600 metres of camera cable in combination with a BS 5.