MainLite fit

IBAK MainLite fit

IBAK MainLite fit

MainLite is the new compact camera tractor system from IBAK. It is available both for vehicle installation (MainLite solid) or as a portable system (MainLite fit) and offers a unique price to performance ratio.

The system is highly flexible as all analogue IBAK camera tractors and cameras can be operated with it. For example, a T66.1 can be operated with the ORION camera in small diameter pipes from DN 100 upwards or a T76 camera tractor with an ORPHEUS in bigger diameters from DN150 upwards. MainLite fit consists of the control console BP100 for versatile operation with a 10 inch touch screen and two joysticks to operate the camera and the camera tractor.

The screen is protected by a bonded glass plate so that it cannot get scratched and is also well shielded from rain. The control console is equipped with an efficient PC, so that complete sewer analysis software with all its extensive functions can be used without any problem.

With the mobile rack, the motor-driven winch with 200 metres of camera cable (KW206) can also be easily transported to locations which are hard to access with a vehicle. With the integrated seat, you can also work comfortably outside of the inspection vehicle.