MicroGator Air

MicroGator Air

Grinding Robot

The practical pneumatic cutter on the modular IBAK system

MicroGator Air

The MicroGator Air is almost identical in construction to the electrically operated MicroGator, but is equipped with a powerful compact air motor.

The system was completely designed for easy operation and compatibility with proven components of the IBAK MainLite concept. This means that the KW206 and KW306 cable winches already known from inspection operations and the BP100 and BS10 control systems can be used for the MicroGator Air. For a complete cutting system, only a hose reel for the air hose and a compressor are required. Standardised construction site compressors from established manufacturers are suitable as compressors.

The MicroGator Air is an ideal solution for service providers who are looking for a compact cutting system and at the same time want to benefit from the advantages of a complete inspection system. MicroGator Air cutters, MainLite winches and inspection tractors and cameras are fully compatible so that various applications can be covered using the multifunctional system. The same thin cable is used to operate the cutter and cameras, so that even long distances can be covered in the sewer. This ensures extremely time-saving and efficient work.
The functions and specifications of the MicroGator have been largely adopted for the MicroGator Air. These include, for example, the user-friendly operation, the powerful tractor motors, and the 4th axle for tilting the cutting tool forwards. Permanent pressure monitoring was also implemented and lowering hooks integrated so that the cutting robot can be safely lowered into the manhole and retrieved again without anyone having to climb into the manhole. The CutterCam, known from the MicroGator, is used for the MicroGator Air as well. With its flexible focus and razor-sharp image, it provides the best possible view of the cutting area. The integrated air shield keeps dirt away from the camera lens, creating excellent conditions for a good cutting result.

MicroGator Air at a glance:

Pneumatic cutting robot for main sewers from DN 200 (relined)
Can be operated on IBAK MainLite system and hose winch
Cutter equipped with 4th axle, lowering device and pressure monitoring
Compatibility of the MicroGator Air system with common IBAK inspection tractors and cameras
Always a clear view and the best possible orientation thanks to the use of the CutterCam