IBAK MicroGator

Grinding Robot

For pipes with dimensions from 200 to 800 mm

IBAK MicroGator

The MicroGator is a cutting and grinding robot for mainline sewers with diameters of DN 200 (relined) to DN 800. It is equipped with a very powerful and efficient electric motor that, despite its small size, has a better performance than current pneumatic and hydraulic cutting and grinding robots. For the operation environmentally friendly batteries are sufficient. Neither high energie-consuming generators nor big noisy compressors are needed.

All materials found in sewers can be reliably processed with different cutter heads. Cutter shaft extensions are available to access working areas that are further away and deeper down laterals. Different motor sizes can be selected to suit the conditions on site. They have various capacities and dimensions and enable work to be performed deep down laterals and also in DN 200 mainline sewers (relined).

The rotational speed of the tool is adjustable. In addition, the robot runs with a minimum amount of vibration due, amongst other things, to clamping cushion technology. This enables a precise performance of detailed work. 400° rotations (left/right) are possible with the built-in rotation module. Thus, even complex geometries can be cut in a single operation. With the 4th axis, the motor can be easily tilted to the front without any changes to the set-up. This enables e.g. intruding roots to be removed rapidly. This movement axis is also an enormous help when preparing branch pipes for rehabilitation and reinstating laterals.

The position of the robot in the pipe is shown by a viewing direction indicator in the camera image. This is achieved by a gravitation sensor integrated into the camera. The flexible focus of the CutterCam not only ensures that the cutting area is in sharp focus, but also provides a detailed view e.g. of the pipe wall which is nearer to the camera. This means that repair results can be assessed and documented with convincing picture material. Continuous airflow forms a kind of shield in front of the CutterCam optics and removes the grinding dust efficiently. At the push of a button, bigger particles can be washed away by an additional water nozzle at any time. Extreme soiling can be removed completely by rotating the camera over a rubber lip.

The system is pressure monitored and the operator is given a visual warning message on the screen and an alarm tone sounds to inform him if a leak is detected in the electronic installation areas. With the lowering hooks of the MicroGator, users don‘t have to enter the manhole to insert or retrieve the cutter robot. Thanks to the lightweight cable and the high traction strength of the robot, sections of up to 150m can be negotiated without any difficulty. The robot can be ideally configured for specific pipe conditions and diameters with various wheel sets and new, easy to mount tractor attachments (by an engagement mechanism) from DN 200 (relined) up to DN 800. The new FrontCam camera, that can be simply screwed on to the motor housing, gives the user an unobstructed view in travelling direction. This makes it easy e.g. to identify laterals that need to be reinstated after relining.

Adapters for hat set packers and packers to set liner cuffs can be attached to the MicroGator system. So the MicroGator system is a versatile pipe rehabilitation and pipe repair system.