IBAK MicroLite

IBAK MicroLite

Compact push camera system

Inspection range DN 50 and up

IBAK MicroLite

The IBAK MicroLite is a compact push rod camera system for the inspection of house and estate drainage systems.

It features ease of operation via any one of the control consoles BP1, BP2 or BP100. These are equipped with a 10-inch touch display and optionally also with one (BP2) or two joysticks (BP100).

Thanks to intuitive menu guidance, the systems can be reliably operated after only a short training period. Text can be entered or photo and video files can be saved (MPEG 4 AVC/H.264) on the integrated PC with IKAS recorder software. Data is exchanged via a USB stick or a wireless adapter USB stick.

With its weight of approx. 16.5 kilograms, the MicroLite is a favourably-priced, compact level-entry model. Two different versions of this small coiler for push rod operation are available: the MicroLite with a BP1 and 30 metres of push rod with a permanently installed axial camera type AxialCam. This version permits inspections to be performed in DN 50 upwards and is eminently suitable if the section to be inspected requires a particularly bend-capable push rod.

The second version is a MicroLite with a BP2 and 40 metres of a rather more rigid push rod with a plug-in AxialCam 2 or the small pan and rotate camera NANO. With this system, lateral inspections are possible in DN 70 pipes upwards with an AxialCam 2 or in DN 80 pipes upwards with NANO/NANO L with longer ranges. The control consoles of both versions are equipped with IKAS recorder basic software with which videos and still photos can be captured. Depending on the requirements for inspections and the transfer of the inspection data, the software versions IKAS mini or IKAS evolution can be installed optionally.