IBAK NanoGator

Efficient, Powerful and Ingenious in Laterals

For pipes with dimensions from DN 100 upwards

IBAK NanoGator

With the NanoGator, IBAK has a lateral cutter in the product range which is particu­larly suitable for small diameters (from DN 100 upwards) and complex lateral networks. With its spherical form, the actively steera­ble cutter arm and the easy-slide yet robust push rod (40 metres), the NanoGator is the ideal choice for complex lateral networks with small diameters. The brushless elect­ric motor used in the NanoGator is power­ful and very long-life. The water-cooled cutter cuts gently into the material at a speed of up to 20,000 r.p.m. and requires no clamping device.

The diamond-coated cutter tool cuts almost any material and was designed by IBAK exclusively for the NanoGator. The innova­tive cutter head is equipped with a paten­ted bearing which is uncoupled from the motor shaft. For the user, this means that the bearing is changed each time the tool is exchanged so that the shaft and the motor are very durable and you always work with a new, unworn bearing. Furthermore, as the bearing is integrated into the tool, it was possible to implement a compact and spa­ce-saving design which, in combination with the high performance, is unique on the mar­ket. The cutter tool is simple to exchange (even at the site of operations) with a quick exchange tool specially designed for the NanoGator.

The two integrated cameras supply images from two different perspectives so that you have an optimum view of the site of the cut­ting operations. The cameras are cleaned with water to avoid any impairment of the visibility from grinding dust etc.

The NanoGator system is both efficient and user-friendly. The cutter motor can be star­ted and stopped with a foot switch so that you do not have to let go of the push rod and the joystick. Even in the smallest dimensions with 90° bends the NanoGator can be easily retracted thanks to its shape and the instal­led friction clutch: in snake mode, the cutter arm moves back and forth like a snake, thus actively facilitating retraction of the NanoGa­tor. With control console BP100, the cutter is easy to operate and videos and photos can be captured with data overlay. The data is easily exchanged via a USB port. The BP100 is equipped with an integrated PC so that further software such as IKAS Gator can be installed without any problem. This ensures perfect data communication.

Low operating costs, low noise emissions and a high degree of efficiency make the NanoGator an optimum system for cutting in laterals.

With its weight of 40 kg, the system can also be easily transported to hard-to-access locations. In addition, the coiler and the control console can be flexibly arranged so that ergonomic working procedures are possible at all times.

As an electric motor is used, a power outlet is all that is required to operate the Nano­Gator. No power-consuming, noisy genera­tors and compressors are necessary.