Pan and tilt camera

Inspection range DN 100 and up


In heavily branched networks, a special version of the IBAK ORION pan and tilt camera is used: the IBAK ORION L.

Its guide unit, the "Kiel rod", can be panned and rotated in all directions and guides the camera smoothly into the target pipe. Its fast direction-changing function and mechanical sturdiness set the ORION L apart from other divertable camera systems for the inspection of house drains.
The ORION 3 L SD has been available since the beginning of 2012 with larger angle of aperture (105°), a 16x digital zoom, and increased light sensitivity (0,01 lux).
This camera, which can be deployed in DN 100 and up, has all the identifiable ORION features: full rotatability of the camera head, remote-controlled operation of the viewing direction and all functions of the lens system and internal pressure monitoring. Specially arranged LEDs provide excellent illumination of the inspection area and ensure a superb picture that shows up even the smallest defects. The ORION 3 L SD provides an upright image in the axial view thanks to its UPC function (Upright Picture Control).
The IBAK ORION L can be modularly connected to all IBAK push rods and is particularly effective in combination with the LISY 3 satellite systems. An explosion-safe model is also available. In short, it is userfriendly, robust and low-maintenance – like all IBAK cameras.