Pan and Rotate Camera

Range of application from DN 100 upwards


More than 5000 ORIONs have already been sold by IBAK and repeatedly modified in the course of time.
The new version 3 combines all the positive features of the IBAK ORION. Thus, the system can pan automatically around pipe joints and all desired viewing directions can be accessed under microprocessor control.

The ORION 3 is also available as an ORION 3 L with direction-changing capability and optionally in a 3D version for pipe run measurement.

It is equipped with new high-efficiency power LED lighting, which makes ancillary lighting superfluous even in large-diameter pipes. In addition it features a patented lighting control system and autofocus. With its versatility and suitable camera connections, it completes the range of full HD systems.

Depending on the system configuration and the customer's requirements, the ORION 3 provides a full HD image (1920 x 1080 pixels), an HD image (1280x720) or an SD image (720 x 576 pixels). So it can be connected not only to a full HD system but also as an analogue camera to IBAK push rods and therefore for example to the LISY satellite system. When the camera is operated with a push rod, it is immediately identified as an analogue camera and the system switches over automatically. However, depending on the situation, the operator of a full HD system can also decide himself which resolution he wants and can select this in the user menu. If the ORION is connected as a full HD camera to an inspection system of the latest digital standard with fibre-optic transmission via HDSDI, it provides video images of highest quality without the images having to be compressed. In this way, there is no loss of quality due to the cable and any time lag between scanning in the pipe and display on the monitor is excluded. The ORION 3 is prepared for all situations and is the most versatile camera to date in the IBAK product portfolio.

Advantages at a Glance

90° bend-capable in DN 100 upwards
Deployable as an analogue or full HD camera
360° panning to inspect pipe joints
Automatic return to zero position
Optionally with rod for direction-changing
Programmable viewing positions
High-efficiency power LED lighting
Upright image (UPC)
Integrated locator transmitter
Optionally with ex protection
Internal pressure monitoring
Optionally with 3D GeoSense
Flexibly deployable with push-rod systems or camera tractors